New Story is up!

For July 4th this year I had the honor of being included in a special satire themed issue of the Wrath-Bearing Tree.  Published alongside other great authors like Adrian Bonenberger, Mike Freedman, Paul Crenshaw, and John Milas, was my story “All Your Base Are Belong to Us,” a story based on my time at Walter Reed about empowerment, unity, and the God given right to play video games.  If you enjoy amputees on Segways, mid-2000s pop-culture references, and ridiculing officers, then this story is for you!  Head over to my Works page and check it out.

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  1. Read it and many times I was trying to decide if it was truth or fiction. At the end a little of both was my feeling. Great story telling and narratives. Hope you get the recognition, maybe a book at some point.


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